Testimonials from Park Pilates Customers

I started classes with Mary in June 2015 , I had problems with my back and spine , I can honestly say Pilates reformer has helped greatly with my condition , Mary is an excellent teacher of Pilates and changes the class content all the time . I love the classes , I feel more toned and definitely more flexible as a result of taking 2 classes a week . I would highly recommend Mary’s Pilates classes , so delighted to hear she is now moving even nearer me ! with the new premises in Blanchardstown village ! Continued success to you Mary.

Valerie O’Leary via Facebook
21 October 2016

I love Park Pilates! I started going to Mary’s classes a year ago and I’ve never looked back – I’m hooked to Pilates for life now 🙂
I’ve tried numerous gym classes and I can honestly say I have yet to find anything that gives a better full body workout. I feel so much stronger and flexible. On top of it being a great workout, I always find Mary’s classes a great time to unwind and take an hour out. All of her classes are different, you never get bored and you don’t find yourself thinking about work or any stresses. Pilates also ensures I keep an eye on my posture as I work long hours in a desk job. Mary is a brilliant instructor – I couldn’t recommend Park Pilates more!

Orlaith McGoldrick via Facebook
18 October 2016

I was facing surgery with lower back pains, but after less than one year in Mary’s classes, my consultant told me I had one of the strongest backs he has seen in months! I can’t compliment these reformer pilates classes highly enough. Mary’s background in orthopedic nursing is obvious; the classes are well planned, focussed on challenging, yet rewarding, toning and stretching, using a wide range of well maintained equipment. It’s not just my back that’s benefited; after just a month I noticed my jeans were that bit looser and there’s a great sense of satisfaction holding a plank position for one minute without a struggle. Thanks Mary!

Terhi Klemola via Facebook
18 October 2016

I suffered from lower back pain for 5 years and went through countless specialists and therapies unsuccessfully. In my case reformer Pilates was a game changer; I’ve been doing it once/week for nearly a year and I’m pain-free.

Michele Allegri via Facebook
16 October 2016

I started taking classes with Mary in Park Pilates in May 2015 when the studio was newly opened, and I can honestly say I have become addicted to Reformer Pilates! The results I have seen from it so far are amazing I am more toned and so much more flexible! Mary is an amazing teacher, her classes are so diverse which makes every class different and challenging. She has a great way of incorporating exercises that suit your own individual level whether your are a beginner or a regular! She takes into account clients with specific needs and injuries and adapts the class for them! The machines are kept in great condition and she makes use of the entire reformer with all the added equipment she has!

For me the location is so suitable and her flexibility with classes in the morning and evening helps me attend at least two classes a week as I work shifts! I constantly encourage friends of mine to give it a try! I honestly think it’s the best full body work out you can do! It has totally changed my life!

Louise Clerkin via Facebook
14 October 2016

I discovered Park Pilates studio when I moved into the area. I have done Reformer Pilates before so I was happy to find it near my home. I have always had a sore back because of my job. Mary’s studio is lovely. I like that it’s small groups so she can concentrate on everyone. She provides a personal experience for everyone, knowing their names and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. It’s like having private classes. She is an amazing teacher and a lovely person. She will adapt every class for your level personally, which is great. I have been going to Mary’s studio for a year, twice a week. My back pain is gone. I’m stronger, and I can see improvement in muscle tone, strength, flexibility and balance. Pilates is great, not only for your body but for your mind too. After every class I feel more positive, motivated and happier.

Unfortunately, I had to move away from Dublin. I’m going to miss a lot of things in Dublin but in my top 5 would definitely be Park Pilates. Thank you so much Mary and good luck to you.

Edita Liaugaudaite via Facebook
05 May 2016

I had been suffering with constant back pain that was really affecting the quality of my life. I had heard about the benefits of Reformer Pilates and was delighted to find Park Pilates had opened nearby. I have been going twice a week for about 3 months now and my back pain has improved so much I can’t believe it, it is practically gone! Mary is a brilliant instructor and as classes are 5 people max, she pays great attention to each person, so I never worry about injury. Strong core (& flat stomach!)…I highly recommend Park Pilates! Thank you Mary, it really has changed my life!

19 November 2015

Great new Testimonial in from a lady who has been coming to my Reformer Pilates classes usually twice a week since May. So satisfying to see such a dramatic change. Keep up the good work Liz!

I started Reformer Pilates with Mary 5 months ago. I had done a few courses of Mat Pilates previously and was not a big fan as I found it quite tedious, so knowing the benefits of Pilates, I thought I would give the Reformer a chance. I cannot describe how much I love it and have become quite addicted. My posture has changed completely, I automatically hold myself better on a day to day basis, as I have lost a lot of bad habits, like holding stress in my shoulders. My core strength has improved so much. I am now able to do moves that I thought it very unlikely that I would ever be able to do when I first started the classes. Mary is an excellent teacher and is always aware of everyone in the classes individual requirements. The classes are also very small which I love. The studio itself is lovely. Its very bright, with lots of windows, airy and clean and I honestly feel that I am exercising outdoors. I leave every single class feeling thoroughly worked out and stretched to within an inch of my life. It has honestly made me feel 10 years younger. Thank you.

Liz M.
17 November 2015

I first started attending classes with Mary a few months back, just after the birth of my first child. Having been pretty fit beforehand, from years of practicing yoga and pilates, I found my overall strength had diminished and my back was quite painful from overcompensating for the lack of core strength.

After just a few classes with Mary I noticed a drastic difference in my posture, balance and overall well-being. I feel really strong in my core and overall body. My energy levels have definitely returned. Mary is a great teacher, every class is varied so your body is worked in a different way each time and you really feel like you’ve gotten so much out of the hour long class. I’m love reformer pilates and have to thank Mary for that. Highly recommend anyone to try it, its an investment into keeping your body at its

Fiona Markmann
05 July 2015

“Having played GAA for many years I was beginning to continuously suffer from niggling injuries around my lower back, glutes and hamstrings. At the start of this season, I was missing more training due to this than I was making. This was hugely frustrating and had me questioning whether it was time to hang up the boots. I then started reformer Pilates with Mary. I can honestly say that I haven’t looked back since. Not only has the improved core strength helped alleviate all the injuries, the general improvement in my overall fitness, and in particular my agility has been fantastic. The best thing of all is that no two classes are ever the same and they are always enjoyable. I would recommend Park Pilates to any person who plays sport”

Shane Casey Lucan Sarsfields GAA club
28 June 2015

“I have suffered from chronic back ache for over 25 years and after spending a fortune on physio, pain killers and heat pads I finally listened to the physios who had told me that the only long term solution for me was pilates.  I started with Mary in her studio 6 weeks ago and I have noticed a huge difference already.  Now I can make the train journey into work standing up without pain and I am no longer dealing with contact aches and spasms.  I would highly recommend Mary’s classes  – there are only a small number of people in each class –  it really feels like a one on one session and you work out every minute of the hour you are there.  I only wish I had started years ago.”

Trish O’Brien,
25 May 2015.

“Unbelievable workout. Great for core strengthening and postural alignment. Have seen such a change in my posture with only a few classes.”

Grace O’ Malley Physical Therapist (via Facebook)

Really enjoyable workout and over all experience. Think I am hooked.

Ciara O’Leary (via Facebook)