What is Reformer Pilates?

What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is enjoyable and effective training for all fitness levels.

Pilates Basics

Pilates strengthens your core muscles and improves flexibility to give you a toned, lean, balanced physique. Fundamentally, it is the repetition of the Pilates movement patterns, coupled with the resistance of the bed, which creates a total body toning session. Performed correctly and with precision the exercise delivers incredible results on a daily basis in our studio. First timer feedback often reports that the results are immediate.

How does Reformer Pilates work?

Reformer Pilates further assists this process by using a system of springs and pulleys to either add resistance or lend support, depending on the exercise. For certain Pilates movements on the Reformer, resistance is generated which builds strength more quickly. For other Reformer Pilates movements, the springs help to support you, which allow you to begin the process of building strength in those areas.

Our goal is to create a uniform and familiar structure to each class level. Regardless of your fitness levels, we guarantee that you will leave the class feeling stronger, more flexible and energised. Because everybody is different, private one-to-one sessions can help to work out any modifications that you might need.